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Your event solution that covers it all.





Supporting your event from A to Z

Skolion is a convenient solution which does not only give you an event app for your participants, instead it provides you with a 360 degree solution for all of your needs before, during and after the event. From the registration process trough to event measurement, Skolion follows a modular approach in order to help you to create even more efficient and engaging events. Put simply, Skolion is your one stop shop when it comes to events.



Engage effectively and successfully with your audience – provide pertinent pre-event information, real-time updates and seamless connection between your attendees, maximizing networking opportunities and exchange of ideas during and post-event.


One platform to set up, manage and support all your events. Distribute relevant information across all channels, reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity of your event team.


Fully branded event application enabling you to make changes on the fly – providing the latest information as it becomes available and keeping your attendees up to date.

A native app that drives your audience

The native Skolion event app for iOS and Android comes with:

  • Support for multiple events in one app
  • Custom design to your corporate design
  • Automatic content synchronization from the
  • Agenda and track view of sessions
  • Custom track list based on favorites
  • Event document module (Word, PDF, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Integration of interactive HTML5 content
  • In-App and Push-Notification module
  • Social connection module
  • Concierge service
  • Secure and restricted access for user groups


Manage all of your events within one tool

With the Skolion event content management system you are setting up your event in minutes. All relevant assets like agenda, session documents and presentations as well as speaker and host information is managed within the CMS. This not only brings you ease in maintaining the content, furthermore it brings you flexibility when it comes to last-minute-changes. If you have to change the agenda for example, the change is pushed to your participants within seconds and on-top of that, sending out push-notifications to your guests can be done easily as well.

Technical Infrastructure & Data Security

The Skolion event solution is operated and hosted out of a Swiss data center and ensures highest standards when it comes to reliability and security. Heart of the Skolion solution is the content management system, on which the event content, the attendee management and the reporting, besides of other features, is done. With a constant data feed and secure synchronization process all of your guest and users of the mobile Skolion app receive the information and data needed. Also the websites and registration pages are kept up to date by the central Skolion system.

Swiss Quality and Reliability


Since Skolion is designed, developed and operated in Switzerland you can trust on the highest quality standards and Swiss reliability as well as you can trust that your user data is secured and hosted according to Swiss standards.

Swiss Quality

As a Swiss made application, Skolion provides you the level of security you are looking for and you can rely on next to 20 years of experience in the development of mobile business applications with a team of 150+ employees.

Data Hosting

Skolion is operated out of our datacenter located in Switzerland. Therefore you know exactly where your event data, user-data and registration data is stored.

Support & Service

All Support, Training and Hypercare requests are serviced by our local Skolion team here in Switzerland. In case you need to have on-site support during an event, this service is also provided by the Skolion support team.

Choose the package which fits your needs.


Skolion is offered in two different packages – Professional and Enterprise. Please contact our sales in order to find the right package for you and also if have some special needs when it comes to your event process. The Skolion team has substantial know-how in the development of custom add-ons and integration into existing CRM and ERP systems.


Skolion Package
up to 250 Seats/Event
  • • Agenda and Tracks

  • • Notifications

  • • Social Connector

  • • Documents

  • • Concierge Module

  • • Interactive Content Module

  • • Survey

  • • iOS & Android (Phone & Tablet)

  • × Invitation and Registration Tool

  • × E-Mail Engine & Reminders

  • × Event Website

  • × Live Voting

  • × Check-In Tool (QR Reader)


Skolion Package
Unlimited Seats/Event
  • • Agenda and Tracks

  • • Notifications

  • • Social Connector

  • • Documents

  • • Concierge Module

  • • Interactive Content Module

  • • Survey

  • • iOS & Android (Phone & Tablet)

  • • Invitation and Registration Tool

  • • E-Mail Engine & Reminders

  • • Event Website

  • • Live Voting (optional)

  • •  Check-In Tool (QR Reader)

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